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TV Amplifier

TCA-115   Channel amplifier 

The TCA-115 is a TV channel amplifier to boost and adjust individual channels to achieve a flat output when the inputs are not. It features AGC to accept unstable input while keeping a stable output. It’s ideal for apartment buildings.

  CH2 to CH12 (48 – 230MHz)
  CH21 to CH69 (471 – 860MHz)
  Input level 70 -90 dBuV
  Maximum output 120 dBuV
  Gain adj. 40dB (AGC)


VHF LOW range CH-2 to CH-4
VHF HI range CH-5 to CH-12
UHF range CH-21 to CH-69
Max Output level 120 dBuV
RF output level range 20 dB continuously adjustable
Gain 53dB (UHF) and 50dB (VHF)
Input level AGC range 70 – 90 dBuV
Operating voltage 12V