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TV Demodulator

DM-269S   Agile TV demodulator

The DM-269S is a agile TV demodulator in the whole TV band. Is ideally suited for MATV head-end channel reception. It features a high stability synthesized controlled by microprocessor.

 CH-2 to CH-69 (48.25 to 855.25 MHz)
  1 MHz tuning steps
  PLL Synthesized Channel control
  Compact design


Frequency range CH-2 to CH-69 (48.25 to 855.25 MHz)
Frequency setting 1 MHz steps
Frequency control PLL synthetizer
Operating voltage 210V – 240V  50/60 Hz
Size 210(L) x 77(H) x 51(W) mm
Weight 920 g