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TV Modulator

UM-80L   Agile UHF TV modulator double side band 

The UM-80L is a agile TV modulator double side band in the UHF band. Is ideally suited for MATV head-end. It features a high stability synthesized controlled by microprocessor.

 CH-21 to CH-69
  Low Spurious
  PLL Synthesized Channel control
  Low out-of-band noise for multiple installation
  Adjustable Audio Video level


Frequency range CH-21 to CH-69 (471.25 to 855.25 MHz)
Frequency setting TV channel steps
Frequency control PLL synthetizer
Spurious and harmonics 60 dB below  Video carrier
Max Output level 85 dBuV
RF output level range 20 dB continuously adjustable
Video / Audio carrier ratio -14 dB
RF output return loss 16 dB Min.
Video input level 1.0 V p-p for 87.5% mod.
Audio input level 400mV p-p for -+30KHz dev. adj.
Audio carrier frequency 5.5 MHz about video (PLL controlled)
Audio pre-emphasis 50 uS
Operating voltage 210V – 240V  50/60 Hz
Size 210(L) x 77(H) x 51(W) mm
Weight 920 g